Green Purchasing Made Easy

Health care organizations share a common mission: protect and heal patients, communities and our planet. We prioritize green products—from healthier food to safer cleaning products—because of their direct connection to our healing mission. GX works with you and for you, sourcing high-quality products you can trust. 

A Unique Marketplace

GX is building a unique marketplace for our members. Our catalog will feature a broad range of high quality green products used in health care settings at competitive prices.  

Rigorous and Transparent Screening

We work with our members and sustainability experts to create detailed specifications for product and supplier performance. As a member, these specifications are available to you and your purchasing team.

Every product in the GX catalog is screened to ensure it meets our specifications. Buyers can view this information as they make product choices. Suppliers can use this feature to understand their product’s performance against our established benchmarks and identify areas for continuous improvement.

Informed Buying

We help you become an informed buyer of sustainable products by:

  • Giving you apples-to-apples comparisons on a product’s price, sustainability attributes and health, environmental and community benefits.
  • Helping you track and report the benefits associated with your purchases. 

Our Products