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GX works with suppliers with high-quality, competitively priced green products and services for health care organizations. We are keenly interested in companies with innovative products and business models, capable of disrupting markets and catalyzing movement towards a more sustainable world. To become a supplier, you must first submit an application.

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Building a Different Kind of Market

Creating a thriving market for safer products requires a new way of doing business. At GX, we are committed to making green purchasing easy for our members and better for our suppliers.

Interested Buyers

Demand for green products can be hard to predict. That uncertainty affects everything: from product features and pricing to customer support and product takeback. At GX, we are building a network of health care organizations interested in purchasing high-quality green products at competitive prices.  

Clear Specifications

At GX, we work with our members and leading health and sustainability experts to set clear product specifications and supplier performance requirements.


Every product featured in the GX catalog will be screened to ensure it meets our specifications and given a sustainability score. GX suppliers will be able to learn how their product stacks up against their competitors in the category.


GX pursues suppliers interested in offering new and innovative products that deliver value to our members. We invite mission related investors to join us in making positive change happen, at a faster pace and greater scale.